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  • How to know more information about the history of Kenner?

Access the institutional page click on The Brand and know the history of Kenner Sandals.

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  • How do I follow the news about Kenner?

To stay on top of everything that goes in Kenner, follow our social networks:
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Beside, you can subscribe to our website to receive updates via our Newsletter.

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  • Where can I know all models of Kenner?

Kenner has two annual collections, one for winter and other for summer. You can check the Collection all current models.

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  • What are the names of the Kenner lines?

Currently Kenner seven (7) lines:


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  • What are the sizes available of original Kenner?

NK5, Kivah, Trop, Summer and Level Lines (male) – 35 to 45.
Lips Line (female) – 33 to 40.
Joy Line (child) – 27/28 to 33/34.

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  • Where can I buy the original Kenner Sandals?

You can buy your Original Kenner in one of our authorized dealers. Visit the site menu, the option “Where to Find” select the desired region and look for the nearest store.

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  • How can I work in Kenner?

To join the Team Original Kenner, visit Work In Kenner fill in the fields and submit your resume.

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  • How do I become a Kenner reseller?

If you want to be an original reseller, visit the Become a Dealer. Fill out the form that redirect to the Kenner Trade Representative responsible for the region where your store is located. Your request will be received and soon we will return an answer.

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  • How do I change my Kenner?

If you wish to exchange a product that has not been used, look for the front cover. Where you bought your sandal. Products must be redeemed at the store of origin, meeting the specifications Exchange Policy Store.
If the exchange is supposed by default, the request for review must be made in the establishment where you purchased the product within ninety (90) days after purchase. The company reserves the right to conduct a technical review of the product. If you have difficulties in the analysis procedure, contact us, send an email to sac@kenner.com.br.

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  • Which are the contacts of Kenner?

You can contact us. Email us sac@kenner.com.br

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  • What are the opening hours of Kenner?

Our offices are from 08:00A.M. to 05:00PM, Monday to Fridays (except holidays).

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  • How should I store my Kenner?

Never use the washing machine or dryer. Do not use the washing, aggressive products such as bleach, alcohol, detergents, oils, solids. Wash only with mild soap, taking core to not leave soap residue. Let dry shade. Avoid exposure to intense heat or Keep it indoors and warm. All products KENNER ORIGINAL® are tested for heat resistance according to the standards set by ASTM – American Society For Testing and Materials.

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  • What are the names of the models available in this collection?

NK5 Line: Drop | Inside | Gold | Stripes | Punk | 3D | NK5 Kivah Line: Neo | Neo Black | Neo Chrome | Spider | Spider Duo | Spider Black | Greek | Bull Unique | Bull Spar | Bull S-On | Bull S-On Black Trop Line: Trop | 3D | Trip | Pix | Inverse Hightlight | Inverse Paint | Inverse Glass | Inverse Colors Summer Line: Colors | Black | Glass | Tech | Floater Colors | Floater Black | Floater Glass Level Line: 3D | Snow | Black | S-On | S-On Black | S-On Highlight Lips Line: Trançada Love | Trançada Fit | Wing Bali | Wing Luau | Ibiza Star | Ibiza Garden | Shine | Kyra 4D | Kyra Slim | Moss Spider | Moss Hype Joy Line: NK5 | NK5 3D | NK5 Punk | NK5 Drop | Spider Duo | Trop | Trop 3D | Trop Pix